Osmosis Power

Indonesia , the country by a million island keep the natural resources never imagined before .But whether the fog that which deters the optimization of the use of natural resources for the welfare of the people
One needs of the people who most crucial is electricity .With population reached 2.5 million inhabitants of course it takes electrical energy that is very large. PLN noted electricity consumption march 2015 worth 16,74 tera watt hour ( twh ) or increased by 3.6 percent compared to march 2014 .Contributor during this energy biggest electricity is the oil , but not renewable energy .According to price water house cooper ( PWC ) current national energy needs reached 4.5 million barrels and will increase to 7.7 million barrels of oil equivalent per day by 2025 .With the remaining oil reserves 3.7 billion barrels and the ability of national oil production under 800 thousand barrels per day , Indonesia will suffer from energy shortages in the next eleven years .
It tries to solve the problem based on renewable energy plants, one of them is a power station osmosis. This started out of the water and go to the end, as the leaves of the trees osmosis is an important role here. The difference between the land water to find the root cause of the pressure through semipermeable membrane and get water to the crops. This is what Norway ' s government also is adapted to run by the energy of the weps take the sea to fresh water and generate electricity. The transfer of fresh water and salt water of the sea which has a high content of the artificial membranes separated into the cause of the pressure on the sea water rose. Pressure which is equivalent to a waterfall this is what used to drive a turbine .For subsequent development, weps capacity can be improved up to 25 mw or enough to meet the need for electricity 10 thousand house .One more advantage by applying weps , that is the final result in the form of fresh water which is certainly can be consumed by
Again to the land beloved, Indonesia with broad the ocean waters of 3.257.483 km2 , of Indonesian seas have the potential to very large to be exploited as weps .In addition to many the coasts of who is a virgin , a beach in Indonesia has the potential which is very strategic , one of them is bordering on the Indian ocean .Its profits a wave that is produced great that there is no need energy to push against the water central the sea to power
Of course to be able to apply this alternative required in-depth studies so that the result obtained is certainly a maximum of .Norway needed time to 6 years can enjoy weps results , yes , electric generators playing not built in a trice , need time to expand it .It is expected to Indonesian government to study various alternative energy mainly exertion osmosis starting from now , so that eventually could meeting the needs of national electricity not only concentrated on discharging petroleum merely

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